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Workplace wellness

We're here to support your mental health at work. Taking care of our employees is all part of our family ethos. The success of our business depends on the happiness and health of our team. Without the Prime squad we wouldn't be here today. We're here to support you.
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Mental health

Normalising Mental Health for our team is our approach to breaking down the stigma surrounding Mental Health. By openly discussing our support systems in place, we aim to make everyone feel comfortable to express their worries and concerns. The mental and physical health of our team and all workforces is pinnacle to business success. After all a happy team is a a great team.

Team advisor

We want you to feel that you can talk to anyone here, as a family business we're here to support one another. We’ve appointed and trained one of our Prime team to be a friend and confidant when times get tough. We’re here if you need us to help you find your way forward.

Michelle, Senior Office Coordinator, can help you to talk things through, suggest ideas and techniques to control your feelings, fix appointments and talk to your manager to take some of the pressure out of your day job while you are dealing with things.

If you are open to talking, we’re here to support you each step of the way, whether that’s simply to discuss problems inside work, outside of work, about you or feelings you may have, worries or concerns.

Support booklet
We have put together a Prime guide detailing all of our support systems, helpful advice and insightful information to help us help you. Download our PDF guide here.
Its ok not to be ok
How to booklet
Here's a helpful document from mental health.org covering all the basics on managing your mental health. Download this PDF and take a look at their professional insights.
How to look after you rmental health

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Mood quiz

Help to better understand your mood and emotions.