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27 April 2018

Did My Interview Go Well?


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Did My Interview Go Well?

“Did my interview go well? Did I get the job? How can I tell if I did well enough?! Was it a mistake to break into a song about how much I love their company halfway through?” are just some of the questions you might be asking yourself right now (ok, maybe not the last one) if you’ve just had an interview.

Are you also checking your emails every 5 minutes? Refreshing the job’s page to see if it’s still displayed as “open”? Replaying those crucial 20-30 minutes in your mind? Then you may be suffering from an illness that we see an awful lot of as recruiters, namely … Post Interview Syndrome.

Rest assured, we are here to help. As recruiters, we’re aware of the sneaky ways you can tell whether or not you did well in an interview.

Here are our 8 top tips…

1 – The interview ran overtime

Find yourself chatting away while the interviewer hastily takes notes and follows up with questions and appears genuinely interested? No, this isn’t a scare tactic to trip you up, we think you might have nailed it!

It’s almost certain that if you’ve been in the room for over the allotted time and the conversation’s been flowing then you’ve done a good job. The interviewer has their own time-frames so being late to listen to you is a good sign your interview went well. Even if you don’t get this placement that’s a huge pat on the back!

2 – Introduction to the team

Did you get a brief show around the office? This is definitely a positive sign. This means your potential employer is introducing you to members of their team to see if you mix well and are a good cultural fit. Plus they can show off their snazzy office in an attempt to impress you! Don’t forget that not only are they interviewing you. You’re interviewing them.

3 – They asked you back for round two!

If you walked away with a second interview under your belt that’s obviously a clear sign you nailed it. If this happened, then read no further, we can openly say it was a giant success.

4 – Your interviewer got specific about salary

Another tell-tale sign that they are interested in you is the dreaded salary question – so come prepared. This means the company are thinking about investing in you, which is a great sign.

This usually gets posed in a few different ways. 1 – “What are your salary expectations?” Or 2 – “What is your current salary?”

Of course, interviewers will typically ask you broadly what you’re expecting. But if they spend a little more time going over this with you, then it’s a sign they could be already mentally adding you to their payroll.

5 – They asked when you can start

If you get asked when you can start this means the employer is probably adding you to his or her short list. However, be slightly wary of the question and think about how you were asked. If they are genuinely interested they more than likely did some follow up questions after, for example: “can you finish any earlier?” Basically, if it seems they want to take the garden shears to your notice period then it’s a good omen!

6 – The vibes were positive!

A great way to tell if your interview went well is to notice the body language of the interviewer. Did you have eye contact, mirror each other and lean in when discussing the job? If so, these are signs that the interviewer is engaged and interested. However, if they just asks list-like questions, clock watch and fidget excessively then they may not have been as keen as you’d hoped.

7 – You sent a follow up

Still not sure? Send a follow up…if you receive a reply gauge how long the response took to receive, how was the tone of the message? A short message such as “thanks for coming in, speak soon” would be less inspiring than “Thank you for taking the time to come in and meet us, we will get back to you in the next couple of days have a great afternoon, all the best,”

If their response overflowed with enthusiasm then you could still be in the running!

8 – You enjoyed yourself

Did you love every moment and feel you connected with the interviewer and business? Do you feel positive and excited? Sometimes the best way to tell how well you did in an interview or any other given situation is to trust your instincts.

Whether you feel like you aced it or not, there’s no way to be absolutely certain until you hear back. In the unfortunate event that you didn’t get the job, be sure to ask for feedback that you can take forward to your next interview.

If it turns out that you will still be looking for another opportunity, then check out our vacancies or give us a call on 01376 502999. Our friendly recruiters will always be on hand to give you advice on how to nail your next interview.