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9 April 2021

How can temporary staffing benefit your business?

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How can temporary staffing benefit your business?

The perks of recruitment agencies offering temporary staffing, cover a wide range of client benefits. Since the pandemic, the job market has seen a massive increase in temp agency recruitment, this demand is to allow businesses a flexible and skills fast solution to hiring. This hiring transition enables businesses to build back fast by accommodating staffing needs to the peaks and troughs within their markets, without the worry of the cost and compliance of a permanent hire.

Save time & hire fast

With the interest of temporary staffing at new heights, the clear benefits for company’s recruiting lays in less overhead costs. With no fixed salary's and a try before you buy attitude, the incentives towards temp agency employment allows for quick starting candidates that are pre-screened and interviewed, having 3-5 years of reference history already undertaken, saving your team time!

The proficiency of the temporary staff you need, have been checked pre-booking. These pre-vetted candidates can immediately impact your business performance and reduce the overall pressure and workload across the business. Temporary staff booked via an agency are used to working on a temporary basis, meaning it's business as usual! If a candidate doesn't meet your requirements, Prime Appointments can bring in a new candidate booking quickly and efficiently at any time, offering a 24/7 service to suit business demands.

Support your growth & keep overheads low

Recruitment agencies ensure companies continue to keep expenses lower by providing staff without the long-term commitment of a permanent hire. Temporary staffing proves an adaptive solution that is versatile to respond to any transitions amongst businesses. With the support and organisation from the temp agency, the short notice availability of candidates creates a comfortable and reassured working network for companies who need it.

If you’re looking for a flexible solution to your temporary hiring needs, here at Prime Appointments, we are recruiting across 6 distinctive sectors. Our consultants are experts in their specialist fields, with an in-depth understanding of the markets in which their clients operate. We work together to ensure our clients have the talent they need to compete in their specific industry, creating employment benefits where our divisions will draw on their extensive candidate pools to find you the best individuals for your business. If you’re looking for a flexible solution to your temporary hiring needs, then get in touch today.

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