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22 April 2021

Is remote working here to stay? - Here's our take on the trend

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Is remote working here to stay? - Here's our take on the trend

At Prime Appointments, like most business, we were forced to adapt to the safety measured of the COVID-19 pandemic. The changes unravelled quickly, making it clear this new change too remote working was necessary, but is it here to stay?

For us the remote working period was a necessity but being a family owned and family run business means the way we operate relies on the team being around each other, in an inclusive supportive environment. Being a part of meetings and corporate discussions, to congratulating one another on new partnerships and job roles is what our small business is all about.

Research shows that smaller establishments have found it difficult to stay motivated and engaged while working remotely due to the lack of daily interaction with the team. Although technology has overcome the barriers of communication, the lack of environment previously experienced in the workplace had taken a toll. While we maintained that our team worked hard and evolved during the transition, we believe the sense of human interaction and team spirit plays a larger role in the companies success.

Corporate giants change of mindset

While we've taken the approach to come back to the office and work together once again, bigger businesses with several locations and commuting employees in London based areas, have seen a decrease in productivity and welcomed the remote working lifestyle so much so that its here to stay... “People are more productive working at home than people would have expected. Some people thought that everything was just going to fall apart, and it hasn’t. And a lot of people are actually saying that they’re more productive now.” – Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook.... But where do you stand?

Let's look at the benefits

Hybrid remote working has the potential to open up the field of applicants that agencies can draw from to fill positions. Remote jobs are making the job search easier for candidates to access a wider pool of vacancies, no matter their location; resulting in a rise in applications.

A specific job sector that has seen a massive increase in need is the demand for digital staff. Amongst a year of communication via technology, this market has soared as a result, creating a new sector of job search opportunities. We are more connected than ever thanks to the internet, Wi-Fi, cloud computing, laptops, smartphones, and wearable technology. Gone are the days when in-person meetings are the only way to communicate and collaborate on a project. “Now that companies have built the framework – and experienced the cost and time savings associated with it – there’s no real reason to turn back.” – Mark Lobosco, VP of Talent Solutions at LinkedIn

Benefits or not, are you sticking with remote working?

So you've seen our take and we've shared some statistics. After reading about what some other big players have to say, where are you on the remote working debate?What's your business doing? Are you an employee that's back in the office full time when remote was more your thing?

We would love to hear your thoughts for our upcoming study! Email your opinions to [email protected]