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22 February 2024

Importance of employer branding when it comes to recruitment

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Importance of employer branding when it comes to recruitment

"The one thing every company wants is top talent who will take their organisation to the next level. The way to secure this is changing, as the traditional methods of salary and title are being replaced by the employer's brand and culture.

What is employer branding in a recruitment sense? It encompasses all the touchpoints, from the career page to the interview and the onboarding process. All these elements distinguish a company from its competitors. Let's take a closer look at what strong branding can mean in recruitment.

Strong first impression

Part of your branding will be the tone of voice and wording used in the initial interaction a candidate has with an employer. This could be on the job posting or the career page, depending on what the first touchpoint is for the person searching. This first touchpoint will make the difference between someone continuing to view your organisation as a potential option or leaving and going to a competitor.

Reducing recruitment costs

Recruitment costs can be expensive when bringing a new employee on board. A strong brand will likely result in a decrease in employee turnover and an increase in retention. After all, it's not just about attracting employees but also retaining the ones you have. When you have a reputation as a great employer and your employees are brand ambassadors for the company, it is likely to mean that employees stay long-term. An essential component of any organisation is having employees who are engaged and feel valued.

Employees who are aligned with the company

Part of the company brand is the company mission and culture, both of which you want potential candidates to share, as they are more likely to thrive and grow in your company. Candidates who align with your company are likely to become good brand advocates and future role models for others looking at joining.

Gaining a competitive edge

The job market is currently incredibly competitive, and companies need to do anything they can to stand out. Organisational branding isn't just about attracting talent but also about showcasing how you are different from the competition.

In conclusion, organisational branding is not an optional investment to be contrasted with enticing employees the old way with wages and job titles. Organisational branding is now a major deciding factor for any candidate. They ask the question, 'Do I fit in here?' If a candidate doesn't feel your company fosters a positive culture with a company mission they agree with, they are likely to look elsewhere."

How to get started with fixing your internal brand and culture

A good starting point is to conduct an internal brand audit to gain a better understanding of your employees' perceptions of the culture. This helps highlight areas that need improvement before considering it as a tool to attract top talent.

Once you have conducted the research internally, you can use the existing perceptions of the company to develop your company culture on your brand's website, LinkedIn, and other recruitment materials.

Final thoughts

Strong employer branding and company culture can help you compete for the top talent that you need to achieve your overall organisational goals.