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7 March 2024

International Women's Day 2024

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International Women's Day 2024

This International Women's Day, we're super excited to shine a spotlight on the amazing women who make Prime Appointments such a special place. This year, the day is marked with the theme of #InspireInclusion, a principle that our Managing Director, Robyn Holmes, wholeheartedly supports.

International Women's Day serves as an occasion to acknowledge the accomplishments of women and to highlight and address issues surrounding gender equality. Without further delay, let's hear from some of our esteemed leaders in the company!

Robyn Holmes, Managing Director

Over the span of my 32-year career, I have championed working mums, fighting to ditch the guilt often associated with juggling work and family. This initiative was particularly challenging to address a decade ago.

Our company has consistently ensured that women comprise at least 50% of our directorial positions, cultivating a culture of empowerment and, at times, achieving a board comprised of 75% women. I believe in the power of diversity, especially the unique perspectives, innovation, and empathy women bring to the table.

Layla Drewell, Finance Director

Throughout my 28 years in accounting, a field predominantly occupied by men, I have encountered limited instances where I have reported directly to a female manager—the current role at Prime Appointments being one of them.

Despite transitioning across various sectors, I found that accounting roles remained male-dominated, with particular resistance encountered in Investment Banking when seeking adjustments to work hours as a mother. This experience led me to pursue Finance Manager/Director positions that offered a more balanced approach to work and life.

Reflecting on past experiences, I acknowledge the extra effort required to prove myself in a male-centric environment and the historical pay disparities. Now, working for a female-led business provides a more empathetic and inclusive atmosphere, valuing diverse perspectives and multitasking skills.

Katie Holmes, Manager

Since starting in recruitment in 2019, I have never found the recruitment industry itself as a male dominated one. From my experience, it seems very equal with regards to opportunity for both men and women within agencies. Where Prime is concerned, 66% of our workforce are female so in our case, the men are outnumbered!!

However, when it comes to industries we work heavily with, such as Manufacturing, Engineering & Aviation industries, we do find these tend to be naturally male dominated due to the nature of work. It definitely takes certain types of women to be happy working within these male dominated environments but is encouraging to see that as years have gone on, more women are given opportunity to rise through the ranks within these sectors.

Here's to the incredible women at Prime Appointments and everywhere else, making waves, breaking ceilings, and inspiring us all to strive for a more inclusive world. Happy International Women's Day!