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9 January 2024

Key Recruitment Trends Shaping 2024 and Beyond

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Key Recruitment Trends Shaping 2024 and Beyond

As we start a new year, the recruitment industry braces itself to undergo more changes. 2024 brings a wave of trends that promise to reshape the way companies hire and how candidates seek out their dream roles.

  • Workforces need to be ready for automation and AI
  • Employers Brand – Candidates & clients want to go with a recruitment company that cares about them
  • Candidate Experience – 2024 will see more Gen Z workers enter the workforce and they expect things to be agile and tech-led
  • Hybrid working models are the new standard in office roles
  1. Automation and AI Will Continue to Revolutionise Workforces: Artificial intelligence (AI) continues to revolutionise the recruitment landscape. Automation takes charge of repetitive tasks, allowing workers to perform tasks that require human involvement like outreach and talking to candidates. However, AI's role in removing bias from decision-making processes stands as a beacon of hope for a more diverse recruitment process. By assessing situations without bias, AI paves the way for a fairer evaluation of candidates.
  2. Emphasis on Employer Branding and Culture: Candidates are increasingly looking to align themselves with employers whose brand and culture resonate with their values. The company's brand identity is swiftly becoming a deciding factor in a candidate's decision-making process. In an era where employees seek people-first workplaces prioritising well-being and growth, showcasing the organisational ethos becomes a priority.
  3. Elevating Candidate Experience: The lines between generations in the workforce are blurring, with Gen Z workers redefining expectations of potential employers. Their emphasis on work-life balance and an environment fostering continuous learning demands a shift in how roles are structured.
  4. Hybrid Working as the New Standard: Companies are urging employees back to the office for a significant portion of their work week. The outlook in many office environments now leans towards considering two days of remote work as the standard rather than a privilege.

As recruitment continues to evolve, these trends show the need for adaptability and foresight among both employers and candidates. Embracing technology while fostering a work environment and acknowledging the changing expectations of a diverse workforce remains pivotal in navigating the dynamic terrain of recruitment in 2024.