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5 September 2023

Sienna's Work Experience Diary

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Sienna, work experience & Layla (Finance Director) in Prime Appointments reception in Witham

Sienna's Work Experience Diary

In August 2023, we welcomed Sienna to Prime HQ for some work experience where she joined different departments to get a rounded feel for what it is like to work in an office environment. Sienna worked in Finance & Accounting, Marketing and the Recruitment department with some of our top consultants!

Sienna marks the second work experience student to join Prime HQ in recent months. This reflects the company’s commitment to nurturing the next generation of workers.

Here is her account of what she did during her time with us and what her experience was overall:

What tasks have you undertaken while working with Prime Appointments?

During my time at Prime Appointments, I was able to get stuck into a bunch of different projects.

While helping out in Finance, it was all about crunching numbers, sprucing up spreadsheets and keeping tabs on payroll. I also had a go at calling to hunt down aged debt payments which was eye-opening.

While working with Marketing, they had me doing cool stuff like diving into social media research and finding trending hashtags. It was like a digital treasure hunt!

Then, on the recruitment front, I got to peek behind the curtain and see how they worked their magic. I listened in on some phone calls and pitched in by sending out goodies to both our clients and the jobseekers on the recruiters' behalf.

What have you learnt which could help you in the future?
During my time here, I've picked up a bunch of useful skills. I've become a bit of a spreadsheet whiz, got the lowdown on how payroll and recruitment work, seen how marketing does its thing to boost the company’s presence, and how to go about socialising in an office environment. It's been quite the learning journey!

What did you enjoy and why?

Honestly, the best part of my time here was the awesome office vibe and environment. The office space was joyful and spirited, which made it a great environment to work in. But what really rocked were the people – my coworkers were all fantastic! They were friendly, made me feel right at home, and basically turned this whole experience into something memorable.

What did each day consist of?

My days here were varied, to be honest. Each day felt like a new adventure. I'd start by meeting up with different people from various departments, watched what they were up to, learnt the ropes and then got stuck in and helped out with tasks.

Around lunchtime, I'd take a break, refuel, and then dive back into work. They'd give me loads of different tasks and it kept things interesting!

Did you receive enough help to make sure you understood the tasks you were given?

When it came to the tasks I was given, I’ve got to say, the team were super supportive. If I ever had questions or got stuck, they were right there to explain things and lend me a hand. It made tackling those tasks a whole lot easier!

What surprised you most about office/ work life?

I used to think of offices as pretty serious and kind of intimidating places. But Prime Appointments flipped that view. It had more of a chill and friendly vibe, which totally caught me off guard in the best way. It is definitely not what I expected!