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Support Worker

A support worker helps people who have physical or mental disabilities to live as independently as possible. A support worker is there to assist with daily tasks, which vary depending on the individual's needs. Some support workers work in domestic settings, while others work in clinical settings, such as care homes.
Support worker wheeling an elderly lady in wheelchair

Support Worker

Job Description & Responsibilities

The work of a support worker is determined based on whom they're supporting. Typical duties of a support worker include:

  • Assessing the needs of clients and building out care plans if needed
  • Assisting with domestic chores like cooking and cleaning
  • Helping with personal care
  • Addressing health needs
  • Writing reports and keeping a logbook

Support Worker FAQ's

What Skills & Experience Do I Need?

There are many paths to becoming a support worker:

  • Obtaining a Level 3 diploma or completing a college course.
  • Undertaking an apprenticeship with working experience.
  • Volunteering or interning to gain work experience.

However, formal qualifications aren't the only requirements. You will also need to demonstrate:

  • Compassion to help meet clients' needs.
  • Trustworthiness and good moral character to help build relationships.
  • The ability to build self-esteem and encourage positivity.
  • Adaptability when it comes to duties.

What's the Average Support Worker Salary?

The average salary for a support worker is £22,000, although this figure can fluctuate depending on location and experience. As you gain more experience and become more qualified, you will find that your overall salary can increase to over £28,000.

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